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The Types of Concrete Floor Covering

Any concrete floor is in need of a proper concrete floor covering. If you leave it bare, cracks can easily form. Besides, the natural color of the concrete is not very appealing. You need to incorporate the right designs and colors that will go best with the total look of your house. You have many options in designing the concrete’s surface. These options offer you with distinct looks. They also differ with how they are applied to the surface. Some may be more difficult to apply than the others but they may give you a better look in the end. These things are all part of the pros and cons the coverings have. You need to examine them closely if you want to choose the perfect one for your floor.

  • Textured covering – Concrete floor is known to have smooth a surface but if you want to alter that, you can stamp or engrave patterns to it with this type of covering. You can place a tile grout pattern to the floor to trick people into thinking that the floors are tiles instead of simple concrete. A wood pattern is also possible provided that you have the proper stamp for it. Stamping is an imprinting tool that has specific and uniform designs on it. They will give more believable designs than when you manually engrave the patterns yourself. The main disadvantage of stamping is in its application. You need to prepare the surface meticulously beforehand. The surface needs to grinded first or treated with chemicals before you can apply this covering.
  • Microtoppings – This is very similar to textured covering but this time, a thin polymer is used to give texture to the surface. You can easily apply it using simple tools like trowels or rollers depending on the pattern you are after. Since the polymer is thin, the designs you can do with it becomes limited. Orange peels and stippled patterns are some of the designs you can make. The good thing with microtopping is that it dries quickly. In just one day, the flooring can already be walked on.
  • Staining - With this concrete floor covering, you will be able to maintain the smooth surface of the concrete but still get a gorgeous design through colors and staining effects. You can easily replicate the shine and appearance of a marble using this technique. This is a beautiful way to make the concrete floor look luxurious without spending too much.

Your decision on what covering to use will depend on your design. Some designs would require different textures but some designs prefer an even surface. It would be best to first finalize your design before you choose a concrete floor covering. If you choose the wrong one, your may not get the design you want. In some cases, you may even have to repeat the covering all over again. You would also want a skilled person to do the covering for you. You may have trouble doing this yourself since applying these coverings is a complex task.